Many properties over a period of time lose valuable views and daylighting when trees surrounding them get too large and obstruct the natural elements.

If you need to get rid of any unwanted or dangerous trees on your property, contact our tree removal’ experts in Tauranga today. We offer quality tree removal services throughout the Waikato & Bay of Plenty regions so wherever you are, our team will be there to help.

At Tree Tech NZ, we go the extra mile and help you with all aspects of hedge trimming, land clearing, mulching, stump removal, tree felling, crown lifting, tree pruning, and shelterbelt topping.

We employ the latest tools to remove a tree without affecting the nearby building, garden or any other landscape. We are proficient in every task undertaken to offer the complete value of money to our clients.

If you have an overgrown or old dying tree, call our professional arborists at 0800 TREE TECH (0800 8733 8324) for effective tree removal services in Tauranga, Rotorua, Hamilton and many other parts of Waikato, and Bay of Plenty Regions

Enhancing your Property’s Visual Appearance

Our arborists at Tree Tech NZ are experienced at the removal of both large and small trees. We are also skilled in the art of tree trimming and can ensure that you get the highest possible satisfaction from your trees and property. Tree removal and thinning are critical parts of the property maintenance program; attention to this aspect will pay massive dividends in enhancing your property.
Attention to the landscaping adds to the enjoyment of your property, tree trimming and sometimes tree removal are part of our program to get the maximum benefit from your property. Whether you are looking for tree removal services in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty or anywhere in the Waikato, Tree Tech NZ is here to help. Removing unwanted trees can help brighten up your property, eliminate problems caused by encroaching tree roots and free up new areas on your property.

Why Trim or Remove Trees?

Not only will trimming back oversized trees improve your property’s visual appearance, it will also improve the health of your trees by eliminating dead or dying branches and improving access to sunlight. The risk of damage and harm from falling tree debris on your property is also reduced. Our arborists will improve the overall structure and appearance of the tree by preventing the growth of asymmetric or top-heavy branches.

If your property has newly planted trees, trimming at an early stage can compensate for root loss and begin forming the tree’s shape. Developing a plan to ensure the trees on your property are regularly trimmed and cared for makes them easier to manage in the long run, and makes your property neat and attractive.

Providing quality care and service throughout the
Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regions.