Still not sure if we can help? Below is a comprehensive list of our services.

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Tree Removal & Trimming

Dead trees, dead branches, or even oversized trees can negatively impact the visual appeal and value of your property, and more seriously they can also pose a danger to your family. We work with our clients to ensure that the tree, or the dangerous parts of it, are safely removed from your property.

Early trimming of young trees can provide the basis of well-shaped and healthy trees in the future. Making a plan that ensures your garden or your trees are regularly trimmed will lead to an attractive and safe outcome in the future.

Tree and Palm Tree Pruning Maintenance

Our tree and palm pruning services will maintain an appealing shape to your trees, ensuring that they do not become overgrown or unruly on your property.

Tree or crown lifting and pruning involves the selective removal tree parts and can significantly improve your views, the light that your property receives, and the visual impact of the tree itself.

Property and Section Maintenance

Our property and section maintenance services ensure your trees grow well, with a combination of trimming and preventative treatment to keep your garden healthy and looking good. If needed, our sectioning services will neatly delimb your tree in a safe and expert manner.

Vegetation Control

Weeds and other pest plants going crazy? Our team at Tree Tech NZ can help you to regain control of your property or a particular area of your rural or urban property.
Tree Tech NZ offers both mechanical and chemical control options – or a mix of both if you wish. Organic control options are available if requested.

Tree Planting

Our tree experts can assist when it comes to planting trees in your garden, as well as helping you decide on which trees to plant and the best location for them. 


Our team of tree specialists can handle any sort of landscaping tasks, whether it is for a small garden or for a large commercial property.


Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, property owners are often left with an unsightly stump on the lawn or in the garden. Stump grinding is an additional service offered by an experienced operator who can quickly remove the stump and eliminate the likelihood of any regrowth occurring from the stump. It’s a very cost-effective add-on to our standard removal service.

Shelter-belt Management

We help you manage your shelter-belts to ensure that they are the right height and thicknesses, in order to maintain privacy and provide shelter from the prevailing wind.


Hedge Trimming

Annual trimming is vital to maintain a tidy and healthy hedge that you can be proud of. Call us, we can help!

Brushwood Chipping

Want your trimmings cleaned up? Our team is available to mulch your trimmings and either remove it or spread it back onto your garden. We can also add in more from our own stocks if you need more mulch. Mulch protects your soil from the elements, restricts weed growth, and generally improves the visual appeal of your garden areas.


Emergency Services

At Tree Tech NZ, we know that tree emergencies can happen any time of the day and night, and that is why we offer emergency tree services throughout the Bay of Plenty, Hauraki, and Waikato regions. We can remove safely any dangerous trees and clean up all the green waste and tree materials.

Products for Sale

We offer garden mulch for sale in the Bay of Plenty, Hauraki, and Waikato regions. We also sell logwood rings for firewood (seasonal) as well as green timber. For more details, contact us on 027 211 9790.