Tree Tech NZ Services

We operate throughout the Bay of Plenty, Hauraki, and Waikato Regions. Our core services include:

Tree Removal and Trimming

Trees grow fast and can very quickly become unwieldy, restricting your views or even the amount of light your property receives in Winter. Trees can also get sick or die, which can put your property and family at risk.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees can really enhance the look of your property. However, they require regular maintenance to extend their life and to keep them looking great. We can provide management options on how to look after your palms.

Tree Removal and Trimming

If you have a property or garden overgrown with weeds or pest plants it is hard to know where to start. We specialise in rural and urban vegetation control, property and section makeovers.

Mulching and Sales

Arborist mulch can improve the natural health of your soil by making it more fertile, protecting your trees and plants by conserving soil moisture during the hot summer months. We deliver and spread mulch to protect your plants.

Emergency & Storm Damage

Trees and tree branches can fail, whether through unexpected events or during a storm. Whatever the situation, these failures can cause significant damage to property or create blockages. At Tree Tech NZ, we offer emergency services outside of normal working hours. You can trust our experienced team to help you when you need it most. No job is too big or too small!

Why Us

At Tree Tech NZ we’ll provide you with a high-quality service from start to finish. Our team of arborists and gardeners are professionals and will leave your property neat and clean once they’ve completed the job.


Certified Safety



On top of our tree-related services, we also sell arborist mulch, green timber, and firewood (available in late summer only).