Palm Tree Maintenance is best left to a qualified arborist.

Tree Maintenance Tauranga & Rotorua Wide

They will know exactly how to approach the job. There are a lot of palms throughout Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Because of this, Tree Tech NZ has had a lot of experience in both maintaining and removing palms if they have grown too big from their original situation. The palms most commonly seen are the Phoenix Palm, Queen Palm, Fan Palm and Bangalow Palm.

Your palm tree needs maintenance when you spot brown or yellow fronds usually wilted or hanging down. The yellow spots on old leaves indicate that your palm tree has a potassium deficiency ̶ if you see a change of colours on the palm fronds, we highly recommend they are trimmed or removed so that growth of the tree is not stunted.

Benefits of Maintaining Palm Trees

Palm Tree Maintenance will extend the life of the Palm and keep it looking its best. Maintaining your palm trees helps them grow to their maximum height, providing a great amount of shade from the sun and enhancing your property’s overall look.

Palm Tree Maintenance Hamilton Wide

Proper palm tree maintenance and care ensures that your palm trees grow healthily, and your property’s beauty is enhanced with a tropical vibe.

What We Do

Our expert arborists will trim each frond the right distance from the trunk to avoid damaging the tree. They will also give information on how to care for your palms. For example, palm trees grow faster in warmer seasons, therefore watering should be adjusted accordingly.

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Waikato and Bay of Plenty Regions.